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Mine Steem Accounts With PAL Delegation

Mine INVITE by delegating PAL to Steem.Ninja.
1 INVITE = 1 Steem Account

Next Payout if you delegate today:

24th November 2019 00:00 UTC

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How it Works

1: Delegate PAL to Steem.Ninja

2: Minimum delegations time is 7 days

3: You must hold your PAL delegation until the Pay out date stated above

4: Create Instant Account With INVITE

Cool Stuff:

Trade INVITE on the Steem Engine DEX


Delegated PAL: PAL


INVITE distributed per Week: 50

Price per Steem account: 1 INVITE


Delegator PAL Estimated number of INVITE Delegation Date Next Payout

What are you waiting for?

Ready to earn INVITE?

Start today and delegate PAL to Steem.Ninja. After one week you will be added to the INVITE distribution. Onboard your friends, family and business network with INVITE